Examining WiFi, Bluetooth, and Video in Retail


Are you looking for retail analytics or store analytics solutions, but not sure whether to go for iBeacon, WiFi or video based solutions?

Brick-and-mortar retail is in the middle of a renaissance, driven by tech and increasing pressure from consumers. While Amazon.com delivers tailored suggestions as you browse, your local department store’s aisles remain static. Online retailers track every click, but traffic flow through physical retail stores is yet another unknown. It’s clear that in order to compete, retailers need to adopt digital tools, and find a new way to make data-driven decisions.

Are products like iBeacon and Euclid Analytics the answer they’ve been hailed as? No, WiFi and mobile-based tracking fail to provide the solution retailers need. Why? Find out in our free white paper, which will give you a clear idea of the numerous disadvantages of WiFi and other mobile-based tracking solutions and explore an alternative form of retail analytics: video based-tracking.

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