Gentlemen. You can’t fight here. This is the War Room.

But really, should it?

We are here to make it serious fun. We should talk about motivating yourself and your team, and about aiming your rockets at the most wanted targets.

If you have read even a few business books, you must have noticed authors put the emphasis on sales, marketing and promotion. Taking up on their advice, I did the same in my previous company. We sold ads. So, in the advertising business you have to think of ‘above the line’, ‘below the line’ and then…below the table. Advertising. Easy to learn.

Now, we are crafting a product that should virtually sell itself. Not by dispatching a yellow envelope to a nice looking stranger.

How do we get this right? In the daily life of a startup you worry. Worry. Worry. Worry. But shouldn’t we just start to worry ‘step by step’, because if you’re worrying about the money, you will not get it. If you’re worrying about the product, you will not quite create it. And finally, if you worry about your team, you won’t win their loyalty and respect. It’s as simple as that.

So, stop worrying and have fun. Remember that you started a business to have more time and more fun.

The thing is – you should and you must enjoy the process. This is the energy, the fuel that charges (your) business.

Release your nuclear bomb and make sure there is someone to recall the bombers.

Stay committed. Committed to the simplest, and yet most forgettable notion. Ship Ship Ship.

“Mein Fuhrer, I can walk!”

— Dr Strangelove