Getting to NO

One, single most powerful fear every person has is to hear the word “No”.

It is something you hear all throughout your life. I know I did.

When I was a kid I was pretty chubby. So, girls said “No”. Writing poetry didn’t help. “Yes” was reserved for boys who knew how to ride bikes.

Later on I started a sales career. Therefore “No” was a part of my life.

Today I hear “No” from my team on a number of occasions.

“Let’s sell more of our goods.” – No, we’re not ready.

*But we are! *

“Let’s push our product.” – No, we don’t have the resources.

*But we are resourceful! *

“Let’s raise 5 million.” – No, there aren’t that many investors in Europe.

*But there are some! *

However, even worse is if you start saying “No” to yourself.

No way! “No” is cutting our lives, with surgical precision.

Suddenly, “No” becomes a tool in our box. The desire for “Yes” seems then hidden at the outskirts of our cognition.

This story is and always has been – about “Yes” even more then it’s about “No”.

“Yes” is what we truly desire – every single one of us. Don’t you think?

* *

Written on a typically busy day.