Sunny with a chance of shopping


We are all shoppers. Every single one of us. Well... except for the retailers. Retailers are clearly not shoppers, how can they be? How else can we explain the shopping experience in some of these stores today? It seems like some retailers are focusing on everything else other than actual customers. And we get it. Life of a store manager is a pretty chaotic one - there is simply so much to take care of: inventory, staff management, seasonal products display, finance... Somewhere along the way, retailers forgot the thing that matters most - creating enjoyable, seamless and shoppable experiences for their loyals and loyals-to-be.

That small amount of time spent on perfecting the store layout is almost always a time spent with decisions based on gut feelings. And those are perfectly fine. It’s just that... they sometimes simply don’t work. Why not actually measure the effects of these decisions? Why not A/B test everything like it’s done in the online world? Why not receiving the confirmation on those gut feelings? Is it the lack of time, lack of understanding or just fear?

Almost all insights available for tracking online stores are also available for offline stores. Remember offline stores? The ones still contributing to over 90% of all sales? People counters, dwell time, visitor demographic, bounce rates, visitor path, queue analytics, store activity maps, store heatmaps... and the intelligence interpreting the insights. It’s all there.

The technology is there. Start using it.