ShopperBag: The Art of Winning Every Consumer

It was 2002. Oakland Athletics baseball team and its general manager Billy Beane were facing a difficult challenge. How to win in an unfair game? At that time, baseball was all about the money. How much money you have in the bank directly translates to how many top players you can buy. Having only 40 »

Shopping windows wide shut!

For decades everyone states with such confidence that “sex sells”. But, does it really? It seems as though this is a rule of thumb, because everyone is saying so and big brands are using sex in their advertising non-stop. So, it must be true, right? But, I can’t help but feel as though we »

Find your focus and get things done. Sounds easy, right?

Sunny #focused photos Sundays are probably the best days to reflect and tidy up. So, this Sunday I decided to back up my old iPhone photo gallery. While I was doing it, pictures were flipping in front of my screen in fast motion. An entire year flashed through my screen in a couple of seconds. »

Getting to NO

One, single most powerful fear every person has is to hear the word “No”. It is something you hear all throughout your life. I know I did. When I was a kid I was pretty chubby. So, girls said “No”. Writing poetry didn’t help. “Yes” was reserved for boys who knew how to ride »

Gentlemen. You can’t fight here. This is the War Room.

But really, should it? We are here to make it serious fun. We should talk about motivating yourself and your team, and about aiming your rockets at the most wanted targets. If you have read even a few business books, you must have noticed authors put the emphasis on sales, marketing and promotion. Taking up »